About Us

OptimalGroup is a professional IT business with a focus on e-Commerce and digital-production.
Our key specializations are:
- Online Business Developement (SEO, PPC, Internet-marketing, etc)
- Web development

We are providing our clients with more than 12 000 customers in more than 20 spheres daily.
And we have over 120 sucessfully realized projects during the last 5 years.

OptimalGroup - the trusted partner in your internet marketing strategy. Our approach focused on sustainable business development in the online space.
We share recommendations for clients for their online business, not just their website. With market and competitive analysis, coupled with our own business experience, and the beauty of working so closely with our limited client roster, we can’t help but see opportunities for better profits.
We consider ourselves your partner. We succeed when you succeed. No tunnel vision here, we look at your business model, your profit margins, your processes, your industry, and your competitors

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