About Us

ROSPAK is a reliable manufacture and supplier of top quality packages throughout territory of Russian Federation, CIS and European countries. ROSPAK is manufacture of GableTop packages (Pure-Pack and Tetra-Rex) of premium quality.

The production facility is located in Russia, Moscow region (Pushino town) and equipped with unique web feed offset printing machine by Komori-Сhambon (France) which makes production process as one continuous automatized line.

The manufacturing workshop is provided with climate control systems on humidity and temperature regime as well as air purification in all areas of production.

Printing is available in 6 colors by use of polymerized UV paints of BRANCHER (France).
We use only high quality whitewashed, multilayer material on the basis of cardboard, laminated from both sides by leading manufactures: StoraEnso (Sweden, Finland).

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence