About Us

Rovial Co Ltd holds more than 25% share of the market in local region. One of the company' strengths is an independence from wood raw materials suppliers; Rovial operates with forest renewable resources on more than 78K cubic meters.
The company products are
~ Entire tree length
~ Timber circular from softwood
~ Timber circular from hardwood
~ Crude arboreal from lighter trees
~ Firewood
~ Workable timber from softwood
~ Workable timber from hardwood
~ Slug sawed from hardwood
~ Molded tools from wood
~ Chips
~ Cutting
~ Coal briquettes
~ Wood pulp
As for the Rovial’ scope of services that are rendered to a clients from year-to-year, there are
• Platforms-boarding making
• Wood houses building
• Deforestation

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence