About Us

Shopping Live was founded in 2010, and since then actively expands its presence on Russian market of distant selling.

Company operates in two business areas: Shopping Live TV shop (functions as a unique TV channel) and online shop www.shoppinglive.ru

Shopping Live TV Channel was launched in 2011 as a first European TV shop in Russia. It is a 24/7 TV channel, whose programming includes entertaining and emotional TV shopping shows, where products are explained and tested by experts. TV shop Shopping Live offers European quality products for everyday life and excellent customer service.

In 2012 Shopping Live TV Channel was honored with a Big Digit award and called The Best TV Shop in Russia. The same year it won a Company of the Year business award in nomination Potential and Perspective.

All products shown on air are also available in the online shop www.shoppinglive.ru, where you can also find more information about them and shop online.

In 2012 the online shop www.shoppinglive.ru was included into the list of Top-100 biggest online retailers.

The main shareholder of Shopping Live is Home Shopping Europe GmbH - the leading company on the German home shopping market.